Polish Sausage

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Authentic Polish flavor, with ground spices and garlic. Great on the grill or use with your favorite casseroles. Stuff into hog casings for a great tasting Polish sandwich. Or I like to stuff into ring bologna casings for a Smoked Kielbasa look. Sure cure included. Also included are step by step mixing, stuffing and smoking procedures. You can order a unit to make a 25# batch, 50# batch or 100# batch.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kent Hurlburt, 09/10/2016

I made Polish sausage, Summer sausage, and old fashioned wieners from the curly seasonings and advice. All were very very good. Since picking up my seasonings I have made a homemade Smokehouse and also a homemade powered sausage stuffer made with wooden gears that works very well, all inspired from Keith Curley's advice.

Reviewed by Jim A., 04/23/2016

Made up a 15lb batch using all pork. My brothers and friends all loved the flavor. Cooked up a bunch on the grill while out ice fishing. I told them wait till they try the Cajun (Andouille)