Bacon Ground & Formed

Bacon Ground & Formed
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Now you can make bacon out of ground pork or ground beef. Easy to make with the taste of bacon. Mix meat with seasoning, form into 2" thick loaves and let cure over night. Place on smokehouse screens and smoke as you would any smoked sausage. Slice and eat. Make with all pork, or all beef, or a combination of the two. Comes with sure cure and step by step mixing, and smoking instructions. Also see all of our recipes and procedures on our recipe page. You can order a unit to make a 10# batch, 25# batch, 50# batch or 100# batch.  Note that if you order 50# or 100# it comes in one big bag.  (**Bacon Ground & Formed and Venison Bacon are the same seasoning)

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Bart Jelks, 10/09/2018

This seasoning is great for making venison bacon!!

Reviewed by Rob, 12/26/2017

Great way to use venison!!!

Reviewed by johnnie eargle, 12/11/2017

best venison bacon ever!

Reviewed by Jamey Cannon, 11/22/2017

Used it last I agree with everyone's review easy to make all my friends loved it

Reviewed by Jonna Frost, 11/12/2017

Venison processing around my neck of the woods. This is a hit! I'm very pleased with your recipe.

Reviewed by bets, 11/06/2017

I am ordering more for this year. It is unbelievable. It deserves more than 5 stars.

Reviewed by Smitty, 10/17/2016

You can't get any easier or better than this for venison processing! I mix 75% venison and 25% pork fatback in mine and it turns out great every time. 25# makes 3 cake pans worth.

Reviewed by Barry, 02/07/2015

This stuff is great! My kids like it better than the venison bacon from our local processor. Made the same as others 50/50 pork butt and venison.

Reviewed by Ten point deer and hog processing, 01/11/2015

I used the venison bacon in my wild game processing business and my customers love it,I need a bigger smoker to keep up .i mix 50/50 with pork butts.very easy product,applewood gives it great taste and color.

Reviewed by Capmorgs, 10/18/2013

Better than any Veni bacon I have had processed. Like Monty said 1/2 Veni 1/2 pork butt.

Reviewed by crittercaller, 03/12/2013

EXCELLENT! Definately deserves 5 stars!

Reviewed by monty hart, 01/18/2013

best tasting bacon i have ever had.i mix half pork butt and half venison.

Reviewed by Doug Ries, 05/12/2012

This stuff is the bomb,I have made over three hundred pound of venison bacon and have people begging for more. This is the best bacon I have ever had by far.

Reviewed by MN Smoke, 04/22/2012

This is so easy to do and the bacon turns out really good. I made the 25lb batch in three cake pans and I think the neighbors claimed half of it already. Would be even better with a little maple flavoring. Try it, you won't be disappointed.