Prime Rib


This pump and rub seasoning makes that fork tender prime rib. Mix pump seasoning with water per instructions. Pump into prime rib with a injector. Rub with prime rib rub. Cook to desired temperture, slice and eat. Taste better than the prime rib you get when you go out for supper. Makes enough for a 10#-15# of prime rib.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Janet Gitch, 12/04/2013

Prime rib with Keith's seasoning has been a tradition in our home for more Christmas Eve meals than I can count - from the years that he would make it for us to more recent years after he told me how to prepare it myself! Yummy!!!

Reviewed by allen kersten, 08/09/2012

it is the best

Reviewed by ROSS, 06/01/2012

I've used this and it great, my family could not believe it was me who cooked the prime rib for christmas