Brown Sugar Cure

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This is the cure I used for many years in my meat processing business. Use it to cure ham, bacon, and turkeys. Also can be used for curing boneless pork loins for real Canadian bacon; cure beef briskets for beef bacon; or cure a chicken for something different. Makes excellent dried beef and dried venison. Use Curley's Meat Injector Pump for a good even distribution. See the Recipe Page for complete step by step for all the above items. 1# of brown sugar cure to 1/2 gallon cold water for a 10% pump. You also need to rub some cure on the outside of meat. Each package contains 1# of cure. Save money and buy in 5 lb. or 10 lb. packages.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Peter Hunt, 09/05/2012

I use this cure on just about anything; pork, venison, turkeys. It's very good and easy to use.