Ring Bologna KIT


Save money when you purchase the Ring Bologna Kit. Everything is included to make 25# of good old fashioned ring bologna. Kit includes Curley's Ring Bologna unit, sure cure, and 25 collagen ring bologna casings. Casings actually curve when you stuff them. Aso included are step by step mixing, stuffing and smoking procedures.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Roger- Bethel, PA, 01/18/2018

Just made 25# of this. 15# of venison, 10# pork. I split the batch and added hot pepper cheese to 12.5# Taste is great! I don't see it lasting long.

Reviewed by Deb, 12/28/2016

Best ring bologna ever!!

Reviewed by Smitty, 10/17/2016

This is the one I recommend to all my friends. 50# of ring bologna doesn't last long when your kids ask for it several times a week... 75% venison / 25% pork fatback is the mix I use. Smoke over applewood and you'll have a surefire favorite new way to eat venison! I especially like to remove the casing and throw it on the grill then slice and serve!

Reviewed by Richard, 11/27/2015

This stuff is awesome! I made 50 lbs last year using 80% venison and 20% pork fat. We ate it all in about four months.

Reviewed by Brandon / Rochester, MN, 08/28/2014

This is a household favorite! My kids, wife and I absolutely love this. Every year we make a minimum of 25 pounds once deer season is over. Wonderful flavor. Works great as a snack or even if you cook it up and make it your meal. You will truly enjoy this!

Reviewed by Curt / Phila. Pa., 08/20/2013

This is the first time making ring bologna. This turned out awesome.I get 3-5 deer a year and this is definitly gonna be a every year thing....along with deer bacon.Curley,s has become my one stop shopping spot..

Reviewed by Doug Ries, 05/12/2012

This stuff is great,have made many batches using venison and pork and then smoking it with apple and hickory,it has a peppery blend of spices and combined with the smoke it is a favorite.