Jalepeno Summer Sausage KIT


You have been asking for a hot summer sausage, well we now have Jalapeno Summer Sausage.  Save money and buy the kit.  Use with any combination of beef, pork, or any wild game. Makes excellent HOT deer sausage. Kit comes Jalapeno Summer Sausage seasoning, and chub casings to make 25# of sausage. Also included are mixing, stuffing and smoking procedures.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jim A, 12/19/2015

Made up a 10lb batch and added 3Tbls mustard seeds and 10tea citric acid. I had already tasted the regular Summer so I modified this batch and really loved it. It was the flavor I remember when we would get our summer sausage right out of the butchers smoke house and now I do it at home.

Reviewed by Steve Lesmann, 01/26/2014

Just made a 25lb. batch of this as well. Honker and pork. 2/3 goose and added cheddar. Good stuff!