Ring Bologna 25


This seasoning will remind you of the old fashioned ring bologna from years ago. Kids love it and it is a fast and convenient meal. You can boil it in water for a fast steamed meal. Or my favorite is to put it on the grill. Stuff into collagen bologna casings. These casings actually curve into a ring as you stuff the sausage. Sure cure included. Also included are step by step mixing, stuffing and smoking procedures. You can order a unit to make a 5# batch, 10# batch, 25# batch, 50# batch or 100# batch.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by J. Dewey, 02/02/2017

Unreal! I've made Curly's Venison Bacon for years now, and then their summer sausage last year--both incredible. Tried the Ring Bologna this year (venison), and it may be the best thing I've ever made! Outstanding flavor.

Reviewed by Deb Zimmerman, 02/11/2016

We make venison bacon all the time and now will be making this too. YUMMY

Reviewed by Tomlightfield, 01/07/2013

This is by far one of my favorite seasonings right next to Curley's Summer sausage Seasoning!! I use both the ring casing as well as 1# chubs and this stuff is FANTASTIC!! My family and friends simply cannot get enough of this. I add some mustard seed and just a touch of extra cayenne pepper, but it is just fine the way it comes. Try it, you will love this stuff!!